Launching into 2023

And so this is Christmas ….. again!

Another year nearly over and time to look back and take stock of it all .

It’s been busy, that’s for sure.

Another year where we have been privileged and delighted to welcome back lots of our regular guests at La Genèbre, some who had missed a year or two due to Covid. We have also met many new guests this year and quite a few have booked for next year.

We now have a smattering of Spring bookings and are fully booked from June through to September so 2023 looks like another busy year. And bookings for 2024 have already started so all looking good!

Add to that the usual ups and downs of family life, new places visited, restaurants tried out, memories made and our own home to finish and it’s understandable that  this year has flown by in the blink of an eye …

Here are a  few of the new places we visited:

RESTAURANT – Le Moulin de L’Imaginaire in Terrasson

Always on the lookout for interesting new places to eat, we were delighted to find this gem situated over the River Vézère – only downside is they’re very busy so last minute booking is a bit tricky! Excellent restaurant in Terrasson
Excellent restaurant in Terrasson

MUSEUM – La Rue du Temps Qui Passe ( in Allas-Les-Mines)

This is a very quirky and unusual museum filled with artefacts that the owner has collected since he was 6 years old! It’s created in the style of old cobbled streets with authentic shop fronts filled with the corresponding items. Each shop has one modern item ( post 1980)  which you have to spot as you are walking round. Not always as easy as you’d think! There is also a bistro to sit and while away the hours but sadly that wasn’t open when we visited.

Very interesting museum - a real trip trip down memory lane with shops filled with all the things time forgot!

Very interesting museum in Allas-Les-Mines – a real trip trip down memory lane with shops filled with all the things time forgot!

CASTLE – Chateau de Neuvic – 24190 neuvic

This castle has a restaurant which caters for groups / weddings and we had a lovely Christmas lunch there. If anyone is thinking of getting married in the Dordogne, this might be the perfect venue 😉 !!

Chateau de Neuvic

Chateau de Neuvic –

We discovered these last two venues via The Franco British Network. We’re looking forward to their next  event and visiting some more new places!

Back on home ground, we did get our own pool built in time for the exceptionally hot Summer but other than that we didn’t advance much in our relatively new abode – to be fair we’ve been living in our new home since July 2020 and we’ve stopped noticing the little details that didn’t get finished when they should have done. In fact I’m sure there might be some masking tape still lurking above the bathroom door …. sigh! But, that’s ok. A little imperfection goes a long way to increasing the homeliness and we all know about cobbler’s children 😉 ! For reasons beyond our control, (very handy phrase !!)  apart from a good few trees which Amar planted, the outside still lies sorely unfinished like a decaying tooth in an otherwise perfect smile. A project for next year!

All this busyness  has meant however that last year’s Resolution of revamping our websites and information folders and keeping the blog up to date sadly fell prey to that old adage,” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. On a positive note it also means I don’t have to dream up new resolutions and I can just use last year’s. I think I might have resorted to that a few times now – plus ça change!! I do have some aerial shots of the house and gardens taken by one of our regular guests who very kindly said I could use them so I’m looking forward to showing things from a different angle – thank you so much Tom!!

Anyway, wishing you and all your loved ones a very happy Christmas and lots of positivity for 2023 – looking forward to catching up again soon!

Wishing everyone a very joyous Christmas and many happy times in 2023

Wishing everyone a very joyous Christmas and many happy times in 2023

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année à tous!

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